More by the Garden Gate

I found some before photos of the library and gardens of the Shively House that I wanted to share with you after my last posts about the library and pond.

First, the library before - quite a change, hu ?

Here are 2 photos of the backyard as we bought it - the pond sits smack in the middle of everything partially in the shade of those birch trees. Another view from the Driveway as you go into the back yard.

Finally, here are a few photos, one before, the rest current, of the front gardens of the house - we added the fence and perennial garden along the street, tore out and moved the shrubs under the porch and put in a boxwood and rose garden - Ill add photos of that as it grows in, for now those are potted roses waiting to be put in. The stones and pine needle mulch replace about 9 inches of wood mulch and a ton of termites - NEVER put wood mulch against the house - unless of course you hate your house and want to watch it slowly die.



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