La Isla Bonita

Here are some photos and a 26 second video of the pond. For those of you who thought we were major slackers, wasting time lounging in the sun listening to Wham! and Madonna instead of diligently restoring the house (yeah, the master bed room is STILL undone), heres the thing that keeps us busy outside - but we love it. The pets are doing well, as you can see in the video. The pond is about 26 x 12 feet and varies from 2-5 feet deep. Sure, we still have more refinement work to do around the edges (ok, who am I kidding, its not refinement, it plain old sluggin rocks - rocks are heavy -- and expensive -- so its slow moving until Fred Flintstone comes to help). Notice the huge white flower in the back left next to the lantern. Thats my lotus that has the most intriquing smell ever (American yellow). More on Lotuses later.

Below is a close view of the "beach" section. This is the end of the pond that we built steps into so we can get in and out (the rest of the sides are straight vertical drops) and the slallow water is about 3 inches deep. Strangely, the fish LOVE swimming around here searching for food. I know - I do keep it netted to thwart predators here.

Below is a quick video of the Koi. Sure they are tiny & cheap (remember, I am unemployed and really cheap by nature, too), but they will grow. I guess most of them are about 4-6 months old. Check out how friendly they are. Also look at the long fins on a couple of them. These are some of the butterfly koi that we fell in love with at a local pond and fountain store. Much more on the pond later, but this should be a quick glimpse for those who havent had a chance to see it in person.

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