The Joshua Shively House is now on the market.

For those of you who may have followed along the past 6 years of restoring this gracious old home, the owner is selling this lovely estate.

Ill pass along the Real Estate listing so that you can see how to make purchase of this old manse, but if you're curious about how well put together the old place is, read some of the postings, here.


  1. Oh wow. This seems a bit sad. I don't want to pry too much, but are we getting any more of an explanation? Are you moving to another old house? Are you continuing the blog?

  2. Hey jc. ! My career never took off the way it was supposed to in louisville due to one dean embezzling 3million at my university my positions advancement was eliminated (at least i kept my job for a while) but i found a new opportunity in a new city and jopefully, when my old kentucky home sells, well buy another charming gracious old home and apply the lessons leared. This old house, in her own way, has taught me more about life than any non-human ever has.

    Hope your home is coming along. I need to visit you blog and see how its going.