There's always tomorrow ...

My final nut-job-anal-retentive fixes brought the sun room saga to a close last Friday (I know, post a picture already, sheesh.) This past week there was no interior project to consume me. Oh, now, don't be fooled, it was still not a week of Oprah and Cheeto's on the sofa - no, no, no.

There is a new perennial garden spanning the width of the front yard against the fence we installed last Fall (about 50 feet long, mostly 4 feet wide except one corner where there is a 15 foot radius quarter circle.) Renting a rototiller at Home depot sure is fun. And the guys who work there made it all so easy since they couldn't give a crap about doing their job. The transplanted Hollyhock is not going to make it, sad. A package of seeds is only a few bucks and they do such a great job of reseeding themselves.

The pond is pumping and algae is growing. And I just want to say I seriously had NO idea that was a GFCI receptacle - I didn't know it was tripped for 2 weeks and THAT was the reason the pump wouldn't work outside (it did great in the tub.) We bought some little feeder fish at the pet store a couple weeks ago to test the water. At 10 for $1.50 it wasn't a huge investment, but if all 10, er, I mean, 9 (one jumped - he was found kinda pale and lifeless on the ground), make it, we'll have $40 worth of bigger fish. They are only rarely seen darting along full-speed just under the surface of the water. That says good things to me about the pond. They are far from lifeless and slow. I mean, really, if one was able to get up enough speed to jump out, well, there ya go. The bigger guys in the basement are going to be SO HAPPY when they get to spread their fins in the big pond.

Back to the inside: I have been in color-freak-out-mode. The color I got for the Master Bedroom walls is just going to be too dark. No, it's not a dark color at all. Fairly light; a kind of medium-pale jade color. But since we have been living with white primed walls for a year, a pale washed out bedroom is kind of growing on me. The windows face North and East so the first morning sun filters through the pale pinkish-tan silk drapes. Its really pretty sublime. I dont want the wall color to screw me out of that sumblimity (?). Alas, I already bought the paint; 2 gallons. It will take about 4 to do all the walls anyway, so I'm changing my color plan for the powder room and using the green I have already for the woodwork in there (it was going to be green, anyway, just not this hue) and mixing it for another room on the third floor.

Tonight I'm going to pour over the Sherwin Williams fan deck. Its cathartic and nervewracking all at once. I'll move all the crap out of the Master Bedroom in the morning. Whew, those sheets need to be washed anyway ... Then its back to normal, well, what is normal around here. scrapers, sandpaper, caulk tubes and ladders all over the place. This time im dropping a fan or 2 into the windows to pull out the stench of restoration.

The sun'll come up ... tomorrow.

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